Sudoku Solver

Our Sudoku solver is able to solve easy to very hard Sudoku puzzles. You can solve the Sudoku completely or step-by-step so if you’re stuck with a puzzle this Sudoku solver will show you the minimal next step to continue. Click on any cell to enter a value. Once you have entered your Sudoku, you can let our solver solve it. You can also display possible candidates for each cell. Of course, the solver can only solve valid puzzles.

Solve step-by-step

Click the “Step” button to solve the Sudoku step-by-step. The last completed field will be highlighted.

Completely solve Sudoku

Click the “Solve” button to solve the Sudoku immediately. It works only if the entered Sudoku is solvable.

Reset board

Click the “Clear” button to clear the puzzle and enter a new Sudoku.

Show candidates?

With the “Candidates” checkbox you can select whether possible candidates should be displayed.