Battleships – Medium

Battleships - Medium
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About Battleships

Battleships (also known as "Solitaire Battleships", "Battleship Solitaire") is a logic puzzle based on the Battleships guessing game. In a square grid of 10 x 10 small squares there is an armada of battleships. There is one battleship with 4 squares, two cruisers with 3 squares, three destroyers with 2 squares and four submarines with 1 square. Each ship occupies a number of contiguous spaces on the game board, arranged either horizontally or vertically. The boats are placed so that no boat touches another boat, even diagonally. The numbers at the bottom and right of the grid indicate how many spaces are occupied by ships in the corresponding rows and columns. Occasionally, some squares contain predetermined ship or water segments as a clue to help you get started with the puzzle. The goal is to figure out where all the ships are.