Rossini Sudoku – Easy

Rossini Sudoku - Easy
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About Rossini Sudoku

Rossini Sudoku is a variant of the classic Sudoku puzzle with an additional twist involving arrows that indicate the order of the first three digits in a row or column.
Basic Rules
  1. Grid Structure: The puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid, divided into 3x3 subgrids, known as regions.
  2. Number Placement: Each row, column, and region must contain all of the numbers from 1 to 9, without repetition.
Additional Rules
  1. Arrow Indication: Arrows are placed outside the grid and point towards it. The three digits nearest to an arrow must be in ascending or descending order, with the highest number being closest to the arrow.
  2. All Arrows Present: If there is no arrow on the side of a row or column, the first three digits from that side do not form an ascending sequence.
Basic Solving Tips
  1. Standard Sudoku Strategies: Begin by applying conventional Sudoku strategies, such as scanning, marking up, and looking for ‘naked’ and ‘hidden’ subsets.
  2. Arrow Analysis: Pay attention to the arrows and the sequences they indicate. Use them to deduce possible and impossible numbers for the first three cells in the corresponding direction.
  3. Non-Arrow Analysis: For edges without arrows, ensure that the first three numbers do not form an ascending sequence, which can also help to eliminate possibilities.
  4. Intersection Analysis: Consider how the arrow sequences intersect with other rows, columns, and regions to further narrow down the options.