Sudoku Mine – Hard

Sudoku Mine - Hard
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About Sudoku Mine

"Sudoku Mine," also referred to as "Minesweeper Sudoku," ingeniously intertwines the classic Sudoku puzzle with the strategic Minesweeper game. The objective is to meticulously place exactly three mines in each row, column, and region. The numbers embedded within the grid signify the count of mines present in the adjacent cells, including diagonal adjacencies.
Basic Rules
  1. Mine Placement: Place exactly three mines in each row, column, and region.
  2. Number Clues: The numbers in the cells indicate how many mines are adjacent to that cell, diagonally included.
Basic Solving Tips
  • Start with Certainties: Begin by identifying cells that are certain to contain mines or be safe based on the provided numbers.
  • Use Sudoku Logic: Employ traditional Sudoku logic to deduce where mines cannot be placed in relation to rows, columns, and regions.
  • Elimination: Utilize the process of elimination by marking potential mine spots and validating them against the number clues.
  • Adjacent Cell Analysis: Pay attention to cells with higher numbers, as they can often help deduce the exact location of several mines.