Sudoku, a classic puzzle game that has captured the hearts of many, is not just confined to its traditional 9×9 grid. Various intriguing and challenging variants have emerged, each bringing a unique twist to the conventional Sudoku we know and love. Let’s explore some of these exciting variants, all of which you can enjoy online or print out for offline fun at

1. Argyle Sudoku
In Argyle Sudoku, the puzzle incorporates beautiful diamond-shaped patterns, adding an aesthetic and challenging element to your solving experience.
👉 Embark on your Argyle Sudoku journey here!

2. Asterisk Sudoku
Asterisk Sudoku introduces a star-like pattern in the center, providing a unique constraint that enhances the puzzle’s complexity and fun.
👉 Try your hand at Asterisk Sudoku now!

3. Center Dot Sudoku
Center Dot Sudoku places a dot in the middle of certain squares, introducing a new layer of strategy to your gameplay.
👉 Dive into Center Dot Sudoku puzzles here!

4. Chain Sudoku
Chain Sudoku links various cells together, creating a chain-like pattern that influences your number placement strategy.
👉 Unravel the chains in Chain Sudoku here!

5. Consecutive Sudoku
In Consecutive Sudoku, adjacent cells with consecutive numbers are highlighted, offering a fresh and interesting twist.
👉 Explore the Consecutive Sudoku world here!

6. Even-Odd Sudoku
Even-Odd Sudoku distinguishes between even and odd numbers, providing additional clues and challenges for solvers.
👉 Challenge yourself with Even-Odd Sudoku here!

7. Girandola Sudoku
Girandola Sudoku introduces a spinning, windmill-like pattern that must also adhere to the standard Sudoku rules, adding an extra layer of complexity and fun.
👉 Spin into the world of Girandola Sudoku here!

8. Greater Than Sudoku
In Greater Than Sudoku, inequality signs are placed between adjacent squares, guiding you towards the correct numerical arrangement while challenging your logical thinking.
👉 Test your logic with Greater Than Sudoku now!

9. Jigsaw Sudoku
Jigsaw Sudoku reshapes the traditional 3×3 boxes into irregular jigsaw-like shapes, providing a refreshing and unique solving experience.
👉 Piece together the Jigsaw Sudoku here!

10. Killer Sudoku
Killer Sudoku combines elements of Sudoku and Kakuro, where certain groups of cells have specified sums, offering an exhilarating mathematical challenge.
👉 Dive into the thrilling Killer Sudoku now!

11. Little Killer Sudoku
Little Killer Sudoku introduces diagonal sums into the mix, where clues are provided for the sums of numbers on particular diagonals, enhancing the mathematical challenge.
👉 Embark on a Little Killer Sudoku adventure here!

12. Rossini Sudoku
Rossini Sudoku features shaded cells that create a pattern, and these shaded cells must contain unique numbers, adding a visual and strategic element to your solving.
👉 Explore the patterns in Rossini Sudoku here!

13. Skyscraper Sudoku
Skyscraper Sudoku involves visualizing numbers as skyscrapers, where clues outside the grid indicate how many skyscrapers are visible from that direction.
👉 Build your strategy in Skyscraper Sudoku now!

14. Sudoku DG
Sudoku DG (Diagonal Groups) introduces additional groups in the diagonal direction, which must also contain unique numbers, offering a diagonal twist to the classic game.
👉 Navigate through the diagonals in Sudoku DG here!

15. Sudoku Mine
Sudoku Mine incorporates “mines” into the grid, where certain cells are to be avoided, adding an explosive element to your traditional solving experience.
👉 Avoid the mines in Sudoku Mine now!

16. Sudoku X
Sudoku X introduces two additional diagonals that must also contain the numbers 1 through 9, providing a crisscrossing challenge to solvers.
👉 Crisscross your way through Sudoku X here!

17. Sudoku XV
In Sudoku XV, certain adjacent cells will sum up to either 5 (V) or 10 (X), providing additional clues and challenges to your solving journey.
👉 Add it up in Sudoku XV now!

18. Sujiken
Sujiken combines Sudoku and KenKen, where certain groups of cells have mathematical operations and results provided, challenging your numerical and logical skills.
👉 Calculate your moves in Sujiken here!

19. Vudoku
Vudoku introduces V-shaped patterns into the grid, which must adhere to certain rules, adding a visually striking and strategic element to your Sudoku solving.
👉 Venture into the V-patterns with Vudoku now!

20. Windoku
Windoku features additional 3×3 boxes (windows) within the grid, which must also contain unique numbers, blowing a fresh and challenging wind into the classic Sudoku.
👉 Feel the breeze with Windoku here!

Each variant at offers a unique twist, ensuring that your Sudoku adventures are always fresh and exciting. Whether you choose to solve them online or print them out for pen-and-paper solving, a myriad of Sudoku challenges await you!