Tripledoku – Medium

Tripledoku - Medium
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About Tripledoku

Tripledoku is a fascinating variant of the classic Sudoku puzzle. It involves not just one, but three Sudoku grids, each of size 9x9, arranged in a particular manner. The challenge is to fill in all three grids according to standard Sudoku rules while also adhering to any additional constraints that the Tripledoku variant may impose.
Basic Rules
  1. Grid Structure: Each of the three 9x9 grids is further divided into smaller 3x3 boxes.
  2. Number Placement: Numbers 1 through 9 must be placed in each row, column, and 3x3 box.
  3. No Repetition: No number can be repeated in any row, column, or 3x3 box within each 9x9 grid.
Additional Rules
  1. Inter-Grid Consistency: In some Tripledoku puzzles, the arrangement of numbers in corresponding rows or columns across the three grids may need to adhere to specific rules or patterns.
  2. Clue Symmetry: Often, the given clues are symmetrically placed across the three grids to maintain a visual balance and uniformity.
Basic Solving Tips
  1. Start with Given Numbers: Begin by identifying and filling in the definite numbers using the given clues.
  2. Single Possibility: Look for rows, columns, or boxes where a number can only go in one place.
  3. Elimination: Use the process of elimination to determine where numbers cannot go, thereby identifying where they can go.
  4. Look for Grid Intersections: Pay attention to how the placement of a number in one grid might affect the possible placements in the adjacent grids.
  5. Use Pencil Marks: Make small pencil marks of possible numbers in a cell and update them as you gather more information.
  6. Focus on a Single Grid: Sometimes focusing on solving one grid (if possible) can provide clues for solving the others.